I ardently loved being a speech-language pathologist (SLP). I had my own private practice for 30 years, an effective domain of kindness, forgiveness, and tremendous effort that yielded human progress. A lot of progress for men, women, and children – even for myself. It was a wonderful world: my own private island.

If and when people asked me what I did for a living (more about that later), they universally commented, “You must be so patient,” which is patently untrue – of me as well as the profession.

To be an SLP, one must live with the empathy button full on; yet maintain healthy boundaries for self-preservation. One must remember who owns the problem, then thrive on 100% problem solving. It’s a high energy field of great diversity, great need – go sign up at your local university to become a Specialist in Communication Disorders if you need a career. It was/is the best and well beyond amazing everyday, all the time. An E-ticket ride, we Baby Boomers would call it.

My parents named me Patricia, which becomes Pat for short, which could also be short for Patience. Short on patience, I am. It’s convenient that my nickname is PJ and not Pat. No disclaimer needed.

I began writing as a hobbyist two years ago and am having a blast! I’ve found that I write when I’m blue, I write when I’m black – and then I feel all better!

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How about you?