Life as a Miracle – I have many blog posts under that umbrella. I plan to anthologize the numerous tales – all true – in a book. Will you buy it?


You don’t have to be an Einstein to note this juxtaposition of beliefs, this duality of truths and decisions of how to live. I choose to believe that everything is a miracle and I have life stories as proof.

At 7:00 a.m. (PST) I post to Facebook: a meme or a statement with flare. It’s a ritual and an appointment. I proclaim myself alive and welcome the day.

I slept through the night and rose to sing praise and take on goodwill and good work. Carpe the diem!

It’s a habit. It’s a compulsion. It’s a treat, color-coded each month (watch for it). Sometimes it’s a message to nieces ‘Back East’, sometimes it’s a metaphor for life it’s own self, and ofttimes it’s comedic because that’s how I roll. Memes are meant to be shared.

It’s “Hello, World. How do you be/do?”

It’s an invitation to engage, emote, and agree. If you disagree, shut the f*ck – spout on your own page and don’t bother me. I’m all about fun, hope, joy, and peace.

Miracles of incidents and happenstances have occurred. Here’s a shortlist:

  • the morning that I was online, precisely at 7:00 in CA, the husband of a friend who’d moved to Alexandria, VA had a stroke. I held her hand from afar and eased her heart. I also dispensed SLP advice about ice chips for thirst…
  • the “Dear  Brave Girl” series of brief letters of encouragement that the daughter of a peer, a prayer partner of mine through our church, felt the messaging aimed precisely at her at precisely the right time… While I conceived and wrote the letters, a brave heart that was struggling felt touched by an angel
  • I learned of the sudden passage of an East Coast friend’s husband, reading between the lines of a cryptic post – and began a flurry of online support that reportedly carried her through the initial rough hours.
  • my quips and wisecracks have a vast following, so I’m told again and again and again…

An incidence of accidents… I think not. Life as a Miracle – yes!

I sort of like having Facebook stalkers… what about you?