I had a beauty make-over in the 80s at Image Works with my splendid friend, Sandi Clark. The purpose was to authenticate my adulthood, my move from co-ed to professional woman, if you will.

  • she added lipstick to ‘bring color to my face’, overriding the ’70s bare lips look
  • she insisted that I tweeze my eyebrows and
  • she suggested that I color my hair red

While I adopted the first, I declined #2 and #3.

10522437_786578134715152_2188090022775272889_nLife was better as a blonde, the color Nature had imbued in my teens. California’s sun bleached it further, yet another positive stamp on our choice to live here.

California = a land of endless summer, with sprinkles of rain now and again. A land of choices: landscapes, lifestyles, people to thrive among or leave alone. Self-actualization and autonomy craves choice: so me.

So despite the advice, I chose Brooke Shields’ thick brow look. When one didn’t tweeze brows, there was more time for those other active choices, that keep one young. To be outdoors in the sunshine, not in front of the bathroom mirror, inflicting pain.

P1010386Here’s a photo of me, as I celebrated my birthday in New Zealand. See the brows?

Oh, and in the background, a small volcanic island that had reactivated a couple of weeks prior!

Yeah, Nature provided a magnificent single candle for my birthday! “Sweet as” the natives say!

I enjoyed every second that our ship moored near to party…natch!

What’s a signature act of your adult independence, Constant Reader? High-brow, low-brow – or are you still browsing for one?