I am a word nerd. On that, everyone who knows me agrees.

I Like Words. I collect them. I treasure them. I value them. I archive them. Here’s a few which have come up recently in my spoken vernacular:

  • bitchin’
  • dooger
  • fried-and-dyed
  • ribard
  • stoked
  • toked

Do you hear them? Do you know what they mean? Do you say them? Or are they a ‘blast from the past’ – or from the future?

You may/may not have noticed this fact: the words are alphabetized.

I am dictionary/encyclopedia trained.

No Wikipedia for me!

Or Millennial-speak. I will not get turnt. I will not be star (though I am a star, I think)

Nowadays, I don’t know whether to be hot. Or cool. (I guess that’s star) Or politically-correct.

I will be a word nerd. So there!

I want/need to give you more words. Read on, compadre word lover!

  • narc
  • snark
  • teeter-totter
  • rotter

(wink-wink My inner ‘beat’s overcome my affirmed alphabet habit)

Here’s an ending – to go for a win! https://www.merriam-webster.com

Now you may become a word nerd, too!

Come to the brighter side of life. Be a word lover who cherishes, uses, and prides one’s self with proper knowledge and use.

Join the legions, say the pledge, adore – and use words. Listen to hear the melody – or the chop.

Listen. Communicate. Learn. Preach!