“Please don’t!” I heard myself say and, expeditiously, my guest complied.

I couldn’t believe that I was refusing help in the kitchen, to clean up after a dinner party, but I was… She needed to be arrested.

Because she was at our kitchen sink, lavishingly spraying each utensil and plate, squandering water while we are all residing in drought. With water bills to match.

imagesDid I tell you about our ‘Adopt-a-Pool’ in which one (you) has pool privileges for hosting its water usage on one’s bill? It’ll quench the spirits of our home entertainment budget, and it will make our relationship Recipra-pool.

Larry and I may have to give-up entertaining friends in our home.

What about you? Are you a drought tolerant hostess?

Do you provide water upon request, but in juice glasses, like one restaurant where we recently dined?

Do a rain dance, please!

Gargantuan El Nino precipitation is predicted for this fall-winter…Gasp, gurgle, gurgle, glugg, glugg! (had to spell the final onomonpaeic word with two final Gs, oh gee; Auto-correct is imperious)

We’ll probably drop socializing all together if/when that occurs: Californians notoriously don’t know how to drive in the rain. I need to consult my Mini’s driver’s manual, so I know how to work the wipers when the time comes!

And, may I propose, that we all load up on water like camels – in our own homes, on our own bills? In that manner, we’ll be more tolerant…or perhaps we’ll abandon water in favor of wine with our whine.