I may or may not always be an insecure writer – such is the nature of the beast – but I know that my style, creativity, and aplomb have evolved since I started writing free 7-8 years ago.

What began as a quest to accomplish wishes not yet explored in my life – like playing the French Horn or rollerskating with grace, balance, and finesse or writing without the prescribed stricture of clinical reports (I was a speech-language pathologist and had written thousands and thousands and thousands, some with fabulous fiction on the page 😉 – has turned into an encore career. I call writing my elegant hobby and to say that I’ve applied myself assiduously is accurate. My words play upon the pages, soaring with the spirits of joy or anger or doubt within me.

I am a hobbyist run amok.

The theme of this blog for http://www.insecurewriterssupportgroup.com is: how has one’s creativity evolved…? I didn’t ponder long to get to the confession that my natural inclination to ‘wing it’ has been reined in by structure. To write from one’s imagination to get a point across, to hand a reader something to benefit from and comprehend, not just a romp and a blathering of freely-associated words.

A firm conviction built into my spirit by my highly-literate and brainy parents was “anything worth doing is worth doing well.” Writing has that push for excellence built-in. I’ve learned to not swashbuckle with my prodigious vocabulary and show off words I can’t trot out conversation. I’ve learned to try to write for the benefit of the reader, to evolve a character in front of their eyes, and not to baffle them with BS and a handful of pretty words flung onto a page.

I know I do not have to dress to impress with my words.

That is, I’ve whittled, winnowed, and honed. I’ve learned to self-edit and compose. I’ve learned to trust a reader and show them how to trust me and my voice.

My creativity has evolved into something with form and function, as well as fun.

Thanks to our Ninja Captain Alex Kavanaugh http://www.alexjcavanaugh.com and co-hosts of today’s blog hop. Evolve on!