Three’s a crowd, yet I’ve posted a picture of three for marketing tip #8 because we are going to enter crowds.

These are three ideas in my continuing format of Dos and Don’ts of Marketing. I’ve posted twice/week this month, so you may review all my tips if the current trio interest you – you can review the prior ones, even if they don’t. Remember these are my experience, which is considerable over the course of three years, and not my expertise.

DO find an online community with a promotionally-based support system. If you are fortunate, you’ll have choices of groups within which to build relationships with other authors face-to-face. Find your tribe. Co-marketing is the way of the future, a way to contain costs and pump attendance at events. Do you know another author with similar topic, genre, or theme? I’ve helped to connect three children’s book authors for this purpose – they will soar higher together.

Last Sunday I participated with the group of the left. It was an exuberant day of writer talk and sales. All for one and one for all 🙂

DON’T do holiday fairs. As much as I like my friends in leadership positions of organizations who convene them, the table/booth fee is a money-making for them. Along with the raffle tickets they sell for a good cause – though I must say that a reader of my donated book has become true fan! Mostly, I advise avoidance because they are lonely, noisy, and crowded with females shopping for jewelry, candles, and Christmas gifts. Thus, this venue may be perfect for children’s and chick lit authors.

DO attend genre conventions, book festivals, book readings-and-signing events. Connect with other authors near you at the event.

  • Stand and deliver, not sit and slump or check your email and Fb pages
  • Provide snacks unless, of course, the host organization is selling nibbles and bits. Bad form to undercut or undermine others is a great general rule
  • Get your books in people’s hands, which sales psychs say increases the odds of making a sale
  • Select a passage to read and tell it like a story.
  • Let no one pass your booth unengaged. Smile 🙂