I’ve long known that TIME and MONEY co-vary, but have recently detected a new element in the mix: ENERGY. The co-variance of these components can be drawn thus:11070090_1622067078013236_3056926056105032499_n

My Constant reader friend, where are you on this graphic? Does it shift hour-to-hour, day-to-day?

On a singular note of complex interplay of time/money/energy, what can one think about young people who think little of paying $5.00 for coffee, a substance that amps energy, but think movies and music should be free?

While we of an older persuasion recall free coffee-at least in refills-while movies and albums were $5.00…

I find that I have no energy for argument these days. Sometimes I have to tussle with gravity just to get up from a chair; the act takes more time than it used to, but I’m committed. Sitting still isn’t my gig, my pass-the-time thing. A good friend once observed, “You’re always going somewhere.”

True dat.

It takes a lot of energy to be a Boomer Babe aimed at kicking up her heels, but I’ve got the money, so I will make the time.

What about you?