You may/may not know this fact: many web-based companies have migrated to Malaysia, Malta, and Marlarkey.

You do know this fact: we live in the days of hacker-infused hell.

These two facts interlaced recently and sent my author site and blog into Internet Hell. It was as if pirates conspired against me and made my website,, walk the plank. Splash, kerplunk, and into the bottom of the sea.

The ying and the yang and the yap and the yip. The conundrums took multiple calls to the server/host and my local tech guy – and a week to fix.

I felt punked by technology rather than prime-served.

Remember this:

To increase my general sense of unease: my valued and valuable tech guy – a loyal friend – moved to a state away the next week! My computer technology finesse relied on his fingertips, not my Boomer-aged wrinkley ones. I felt sunk, abandon, up a creek without a paddle…

Criminy and crap! My crisis deepened to the personal.

Deep chagrin and shame because, as a Boomer who was born before the Internet, I couldn’t help myself. I worried that, with my friendly tech guy gone, I’d have to rely on the kindness of strangers. The young whipper-snappers of Internet tech support who scoffed at my lack of understanding.

Until the intervention of an upright Millennial. We bonded. He took responsibility for the internet fixes my author site and I required.

He openly told me that I reminded me of his grandma.

I’ll be the young man’s – who I now refer to as ‘The Wizard of Oz’ – stand-in grandma. I need all the help I can get to keep the pirates of the Internet away. I’ve got other stuff to do and places to go.

Bye! (and not byte me, I say)

All is well in my technology land. As of last week, at least…