I’m afraid I have to report: in 2019 I succumbed. To Amazon Prime.

Its convenience, its speed, its spontaneity… and, unfortunately, its service to my impulse.

I want it, I need it, I see it, I get it.
In Primetime. Pronto!

WIth a credit card with its near-limitless credit line on file, our bank account might be imperiled… Yet not. The caveat which constrains me from ‘shopper gone wild’ a well-honed sense of budget and limits. And, a very conservative nature. For thirty years, then twenty years more until I retired, I saved and saved and saved. When the time arrived when my husband and I were entitled to withdraw portions of our savings, we balked.

It was difficult to turn the spigot from OFF to ON.

Yes, it was difficult to abandon the ‘saver’ stance, to become a spender free to spend our haul. The free-wheeling spender days only arrived several years after I became a member of Amazon Prime.

Then gas prices rose and rose and rose in CA. When I calculated math, the ease, convenience, and use of expensive gasoline – coupled with the notion of no door dings in the crowded mall parking lots – the use of Amazon Prime delivery became more amenable for my husband and I. No more OC search for products, just a couple of keywords and clicks. Pronto – next-day delivery!

One-click and done. Easy returns, too, with an Amazon locker within 5 miles of our home.

No worries, no delays, and adverse consequences. After all, I’d be embarrassed if a fur arrived at our door. Crazy, too, for there aren’t twenty days to wear one in sunny California. Not justifiable with our enviable year-round weather. I’m content in sweaters and hoodies, with the occasional use of an umbrella.

California weather is prime, too. None better could be ordered.