Larry and I have traveled Australia and New Zealand, our travel quest for 30 years:

Okay, I’ll admit on blog, it’s been our travel lust for that duration. We had to wait until

  1. we had a month to devote to the splendors Down Under,
  2. the cash to afford the expense
  3. the energy to fully explore the vast expanse

Travel abroad is amazing, awesome, zesty, and replenishing, thrilling to the core. I’ll write more when I get through the jet lag cycle that, as my mother sagely said, takes a day for every time zone crossed.

And then our consummately consuming southern California lives will begin again, the cycle of life, with its hum drums and its hasty-to-here/there doings.

Thus, Larry and I have proclaimed that March 11 is our New Year’s Day. After we’ve vacationed and cycled through its inevitable jet lag, we’ll embody that ‘January feeling’ again. Batteries re-charged, energy replenished, negative recoil from the pettiness of people washed clean from our hearts and souls in our own personal Renaissance.

With our ‘January feeling’ we will begin the infrastructure tasks deferred due to our vacation-based life style called retirement. For some time our  shui has been completely fenged; it’s time to fling some swag into our house.

Perhaps you have lists like this, too. If you don’t, could you please lend us some cash?  Our honey-help-me-do list:

  1. TRYnew carpeting
  2. new mattress
  3. auto maintenance
  4. garden bed preparation
  5. PJ and Larry maintenance, doctors’ visits galore
  6. kitchen remodeling
  7. paint the garage door and wood trim of our home
  8. window washing, if El Nino has completed its worst/best
  9. whatever else cometh up

March 11 is nearly the Ides, you know, and it’s merely a month before our Uncle demands his share of our income.

March 11 is also very near Spring, when one is supposed to do a complete annual cleaning. Maybe I’ll find some stray coins in the couch…

We’re going to crave another vacation soon. Where in the world should we go?