Life can be celebratory or angst-filled. It’s a choice that individuals face daily, though most of the world’s people may not feel it to be so. God granted us choice via free will.

I live in America, where choices are abundant when one is middle class. When I was a child I blew bubbles – once atop a Rose Parade float, saying “Happy New Year” to the world. Now that I’ve aged, I celebrate with confetti. I have maids, a bi-monthly service, to clear up the debris, so let it fly – at least metaphorically!

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm and I have an abundance at the ready. I share freely, so jealousy is unnecessary.

I am a born cheerleader, so jump-and-shout is in my nature.

Especially on days when my aging knees aren’t sore. Because, though I attempt to confine myself to chair-dancing, sometimes the music moves me to my feet and I bounce, gyrate, and wiggle more than I should. Plus the music drowns the sound my knees make: snap, crepitate, and pop. (use the context to learn a new word – wink-wink)

Like I did last weekend, have done before, and will very likely repeat. Music enlivens my spirit. It’s most incongruous for me to remain in a chair when the blues or rock music resounds in a room.

Because I’ve joined the legions of secretaries of life to be an author, long periods of being seated in a chair are required. So one can learn to write right and document creatively and well. But no worries, if one’s document is deemed a shitty first draft – when the typed draft is put through one’s shredder, it’s an excellent source of confetti.

There’s always an upside as all optimists know.

This type of self-talk is a good tool to counteract depressed feelings and thoughts that sprout whenever I’ve exceeded my knees’ capacity for walking, dancing, and/or sprinting. Oh, how I used to jump during recess during my elementary school years

Can you detect the subtext, the purpose of this blog post? If not, I’ll spill it…I  cheered myself through the angst of aging that limits bring…


I hope it’s yours, too…