So, we got our taxes in on time.
Having the sorting task off our backs felt sublime
But, what the heck!
We must write a check
And that does not feel fine.

Our country is trllions in debt
Our check will have little impact
But still, we must write
We cannot fight
And that’s a nasty fact.

It’s just as well – you can’t take it with you when you die
Not even if you try…
Cash stashed in the casket
Will go to hell in a handbasket.
If that’s where you go if you die.

So, you might as well have your Uncle Sam’s back.
His Defense Dept. will defend our country if attacked.
There are other benefits of living here
Most of them we applaud and cheer!
In America, there aren’t many things we lack.

While the streets are not paved with gold
Almost anything you need/want/desire is sold
It’s a land of abundance
For whatever you can scheme or plan
We enjoy free speech privilege so citizens may be bold.

Yup, today is the income taxes’ due date
We must accept our fate
As citizens of the land of the free,
the brave, and the middle classy-
That we ‘have it all’ is not up for debate.