Hello, Constant Reader – are you back for more? What a glutton for punishment you are… sometimes writing feels like a prison sentence, not the free expression I crave.

After you’ve written the best prose you can, you need to be a hero for yourself. You need to champion your words by marketing well. Here’s more who-do and how 😉

DO your book’s target audience and how to best interface with them. Who wants to read your theme, your rant, your giggly humor, your puns. Who wants to laugh and/or weep, gain empathy with you and your characters? Then consider the social media outlet they predominantly access.

  • Facebook is the giant of social media and most users are ‘middle-aged’, the Baby Boomers who are my books series’ target audience. People who’ve settled into retirement or are poised near the edge. That was where I’d been interacting with friends and family for years, so I parked. It’s my habit. It’s my tribe.
  • Twitter is populated by publishing peeps, singers and actors, and is international in scope, so consider the time of day you post. Tweets have a remarkably brief display time, unlike the permanence of other social media. The Millenial 18-34 year-olds enjoy the brief, concisely-worded, opinionated tweets. Though I excel at snappy repartee, I know Twitter would give me the jitters. I don’t need more short-attention span shots.
  • Pinterest is bulletin board-like and used predominantly by women, ages 25-44. Think brides, educators, chefs, and fashionistas, people remodeling a dwelling and pictures interactively shared. Pinterest is also a resource for character pictures and scene-setting for your book.
  • You-tube is hugely popular. This sight is how I watch sketches from Saturday Night Live and James Corbin’s fabulous Car Karaoke duets. Beware because these are major ad carriers – and who among us needs more ads?
  • Google+ seems to have no filter and is a geek hang-out. Thousands and thousands of spam emails arrived to my blog when it was hitched to Google Author. Thank God for Akismet.
  • Instagram is fun with pictures, visual snippets that tintillate. This is where my tween-teen-twenty-something nieces and nephews post. Consider that many authors have staff to post to these sets – and most select one-two because constancy is important.

DON’T over-rely on social media and/or spread yourself across the gamut. Don’t wear yourself out. Like diet and exercise, little bits often is the path. Effects are ‘subtle’, as one of my fellow author states. Focus on personal enrichment and fun.

DO be social, not insular and self-involved. Reciprocate when people Like your posts. Create connections.