You know the holiday gift season is approaching when…your mailbox is stuffed with catalogues and the papers are filled with ads. Let me be the first to say: Merry Charge Card Season to you!

Yesterday’s papers – three are delivered before dawn to our door  – presented  glossy magazine tos showcase luxury goods. Prominent in each were ostentatious watches, 40-50 of them, to herd precision and fulfillment to one’s arm. All were set at 10:10, so that must be the precise time that one feels fulfilled, not at midnight. Makes sense to me, because Cinderella lost the shoe at midnight and it was probably returned at 10:10 the next morn.

Well, okay, a few among the watches were early, at 10:08 or 10:09. These watches were surely Lutheran, more than prompt, as are our church crowd friends.

Except the one whose ad I scanned and attached: a Graham set at the unique time of 1:22.Graham Watch

Guess which watch I’m gonna buy. (the bonus is that it’s ‘Ultra Blue’)

Just as soon as someone loans me $6,000.00…