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Today’s question – In your writing, what stresses you the most? What delights you?

                                Stresses, messes, and successes. Oh my! In general, while loglines and synopses distress most writers, early on I was advised to begin each novel with a logline, a constrainer for my creativity gone wild. Here’s a list of those I’ve composed to date:

  1. Stashes: “Baby Boomer retirees gallivant the United States in an RV, leaving their family farm in the hands of their hapless son and his conniving wife… What could go wrong?”
  2. Hashes & Bashes: “A charismatic outsider arrives on a family farm, seeking roots and claiming to be kin, yet hashes and bashes begin…”
  3. The Winner’s Circle: “One of three longtime friends wins a half-a-billion-dollar lottery… what do you think happens next?” People spontaneously began to speculate, smile, and reach for their phones to buy, just as they had with the Stashes sales pitch.
  4. The Jailbird’s Jackpot: “Ex-con Amy Breeden has a problem, but becoming an instant millionaire isn’t it. Will she stick to her intention to take down the dude who double-crossed her or decide ‘living well is the best revenge?’
  5. I AM… a Character:“An anthology of PJ Colando’s short stories, all in her stated genre of ‘loose with the truth’. Will you be able to detect and discern fact vs. fiction in each first-person tale?”
  6. Writing Out the Pandemic: “Stories help us cope by design. I wrote as catharsis during the protracted pandemic and you will likely relate to each tale of woe, worry, and hope.”

This year has fostered hills and dips and fails, though all in all, 2021 has been a bit dull. I have two books on the market (shown in bold above) and I hope you get out your cash or credit card to buy one or the other or both! One of my books is fiction and the other is fact… Find them and buy them on my author site, please and thanks https://www.pjcolando.com