I’ve attended a multitude of holiday events and a couple of them were populated by old people.

You might mingle among them, too. And, so help me, I hope you’re not one of them. Old people are fussy, forever looking backways to the good old days while slamming everything current.

Dotage is their deal. And, they revel in negativity.

Old people are characterized – not by wrinkly skin and bent bodies, with a cane or walker here and there – but by glass-half-empty attitudes. Many have succumbed to the steady diet of hate-based thinking of a specific, infamous news channel. You know the one that bends and shapes facts into non-facts, biased by a longing for the ’50s as the ideal… predominantly angry white men who hate their own bodies. (yes, this is a rant) When these peeps prevail at a party, all frivolity and playful spirits are lost. It’s Bah Humbug and drat as if the Grinch stole their Christmas, so they’re going to kill off everyone else’s.

Their attitude devastates peace and joy.

If I were Queen of the World, I’ll banish them to a Muzaked mall, where ’50s pricing prevailed. I’d corral them into a country church where a fire-and-brimstone preacher scared them straight: be like Jesus, accepting, kind, and open-minded or you’ll go to hell. The devil will find fault with everything you’ve ever done or will do. (yes, I have a great imagination)

Let’s load the constant grumblers onto a ship and wave goodbye forever. Let’s you and me live with refreshed minds and attitudes, feeling light, lively, and loving. Let’s view life with open minds and a path forward. Let’s load the constant grumbles onto that ship of fools who refuse to see an upside in anything. Let’s board the love-life boat.

Positive thinkers, well-wishers, and wisecrackers unite! Let’s get this holiday party started.

P.S. It just occurred to me that the miserly and wretched Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge was in his dotage. Let’s give him a twist on the centuries-old tale – whaddayathink?