cardboard-packing-boxesMoving is an overwhelming endeavor. There are so many components to the process, as well as so much stuff.

Moving is an overwhelming endeavor because it’s packed with emotions, some happy, some hopeful, some sorrowful and regretful.

Moving is an overwhelming endeavor, so one welcomes all the help one can get, especially when it is free.

When my husband and I moved to California, his sisters and husbands volunteered to pack. I know it helped us all to process feelings, to a part of a massive project together. Though none of them had ever moved a household, as I had done throughout my life, I didn’t think of instructions.

Imagine my surprise when I opened a box bound with lengths of masking tape to find…a 5 lb. bag of flour and all of our kitchen knives, none of them sheathed…

What’s the most ‘interesting’ box you’ve ever unpacked?