Throughout my adult life, I’ve hobby-hopped. Do you share this seemingly flighty habit?

Envision a series of stepping stones scattered across the rivers, creeks, and streams one must cross to get to the sane side of life when the insanities assail. The problems are often caused by other people, those who throw dirt on you to get you to stumble and/or lose ground in life. Sometimes the problems are caused by the duties of work and/or unreasonable bosses. (I absolved myself of that hassle when I began my own business – huzzah1)

To mediate such, creativity is a good habit to cultivate.

I’m sometimes the source of my own problems with my overthinking supplemented with endless to-do lists. When I immerse myself in a craft, I leave my mind behind. I free-float with unorganized or unintentional thought… which is, after all the purpose of arts and crafts.

One of my first was lapidary and I still have the tools to prove it. I often wear the ring I made, impressed by my own creativity. I’ve knitted and crocheted and done needlepoint. Again, I have products as proof. I tried raku pottery-making but the heat of the kiln scared me. I’ve sewed, done weaving, and attempted calligraphy. There may have been others but they’re long forgotten.

My first and most everlasting hobby is reading.

The product of being a lifelong reader is knowledge as well as a bodacious vocabulary, one filled to the brim with words that can’t be used in daily conversation. Thus, writing became the perfect outlet/hobby for me. A boon is that prose is deathless.

After all, writing is/was perpetually a breeze for me because words and phrases come forth with alacrity. Upon reflection, my creative writing piece on a college entrance application yielded my selection to participate in a newly-formed honors program for 24 females at Purdue, the Indiana college of farmers and engineers and few women. Guess which class was easy for me: English or Statistics?

Writing has become as much of a must in my life as reading. Like Joan Didion, I write to process my feelings and thoughts. To feel well, well, well.