I have an awesome internal clock. It’s wowed family, friends, and strangers unerringly for years. I could have won sucker bets in bars if I chose.

I ascribe it to 40 years of being a speech-language pathologist, where life is regimented into clinical sessions scheduled tightly in a daylong regimen of 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30…if one is fortunate to have been blessed with a prolific procession of clients. From my clinical training at Purdue University through the present private practice, I have thrived and been fulfilled in a career that fostered extraordinary time management skills. Just ask my husband, who says that I am the best that he has ever seen.

Once we were privileged to be on the flight line at El Toro Marine Base before and after the annual Air Show that featured the Blue Angels team. After the phenomenal show I asked the slim, straight-postured captain how each of the four maintained the precarious routine, coming within feet of each other’s plane’s wings at unimaginable speeds.

He replied: “We count!”images-2

Really?! Throughout a fast-and-high flying routine, often upside down or perpendicular to the ground, each man maintained a steady count, constantly synchronized with the others. Amazing!

So, one day I tried it on a solitary morning walk around our neighborhood and…guess what! I was able to sustain the count through thirty minutes – about the length of a Blue Angel air show! I grew up in the solid belief that I could do and be anything that I chose…I coulda been a Blue Angel!

Besides the flight line time, the closest I have been to a Blue Angel plane is atop nearby French Hill, waving an American flag to acknowledge their serious glory. And, as one of the Blue Angels swooped within feet of us, he tipped his plane’s wing in acknowledgement!

Yup, just another wonderful episode “in the days of our lives” – we are blessed by angels all the time.