Ah, Spring has sprung! Rains have rained and the grass has grown – ’tis the season for the buzz of noisy lawn crews in southern CA!

Including ours, I must say.

On any given day some homeowner in our small, secluded neighborhood has a yard crew at work. No one, but no one, does their own postage stamp-sized lawn in southern CA. Most have xeriscaped by now.

When we first moved here – with our ancient, personal lawnmower in tow – my husband mowed our lawn every Saturday. That was the tradition in Indiana – and it was how you met other male neighbors because all the guys worked during the week. Mowing was a Saturday ritual, one to not be ignored.

However, lawn mowing was only necessary for four months in Indiana.

In the fall there was leaf raking, in the winter (which seemed like six months) there was snow shoveling and blowing. My husband likes chores – it’s how he made money to buy clothes when he was in junior high. He had an extensive gaggle of lawn mowing jobs – in fact, now that I think about it, he was the yard crew of the era. He made¬†good money, too,

He continued the task in our teensy CA lawn… But, we hired a yard crew when he had to take allergy tabs and/or sinus headache relievers before he tackled the chore.

His loving wife (me) persuaded him to discontinue the task, gave the lawnmower to Goodwill, and hired the yard crew. My husband and his money do not part fast or well. (wink-wink)

But the buzzz-y noise of the blowers that the crew favor jangles the nerves and disturbs the peace. It sounds like gazillions of killer bees on their way – Yikes!

However, I cannot yield to my worst impulse… bees are an endangered species, as you know. They must not be impuned. Our lemon tree needs them! Bzz-z