If the November election goes south and the MAGA-mad majority elects Mr. ‘Dictator on Day One’, my husband and I will become ex-pats. ‘Don Poorleone’ should be buried in lawsuits, convictions, and debt. but he’s not. Holy teflon crap!

Costa Rica, here we come. Pura Vida!

Unhurried. Active. Environmentally aware. Lush. Protected. Biodiversity rules! According to our tour guide last Spring, nearly 100,000 Americans call this paradise home. Costa Rica’s pervading cultural ideology unites with its abundant flora, fauna, and fish to create a unique national character. Almost half a million species of wildlife and plants grace the tiny nation.

Twenty-five percent of the land is preserved as national parks and there’s no standing military. In trade, its citizens receive free healthcare. Active volcanoes make this an appealing area for my science-minded honey to explore… he’ll never be bored.

This tropical Central American country has invested in education and infrastructure. There are pristine beaches, verdant forests, and rural villages – though we’d thrive best in the historic capital city, San Jose. We could settle in a quiet neighborhood with supermarkets, bus lines, and cultural activities nearby called Los Yoses, The cost of living is pretty cheap and you can live comfortably in San Jose for $1,500 a month. Yay – the amount of our Social Security monthly payouts.

Costa Rica, here we come, eager to delight in the pure life.

We’d need to brush up on our Spanish. Though English is spoken everywhere, life would be more fluid if we chose to fit in. San Jose has a wide variety of housing options, but a quiet neighborhood, like Los Yoses where it’s a short walk to supermarkets, bus lines, and cultural activities would be our choice, just as we enjoy in Irvine.

Because we live in a highly desirable area, we could readily do a house swap, or rent our home to a UCI faculty member. We could sell our cars because public transport is the mode of travel for most. Reliable, easy, and cheap. We could live like sloths, the country’s mascot.

An alternate choice is Panama, with it’s Panama Canal, our favorite adventure on our Central American trip last year.

Of all the Central American countries, Panama is the most similar to the U.S., not least because the citizens share the same currency, so we’d transition with ease, In the capital, Panama City, our tour guide pointed out the existing ex-pat housing area. Alongside excellent international schools and top-class medical care, public transportation is reliable, cheap, and efficient. There’s also a favorable taxation regime; current government policy states that you can’t be taxed twice on income earned overseas. Ab-fab food and friendly folks extend their welcome, too.

Also in the running: Australia and the Netherlands…