image041-300x241We’ve just returned from lands Down Under, where I’ve learned an apropos phrase: the Tall Poppy Syndrome. It’s applied to me nearly all my life. In one incident after another, for better or worse, mostly worst. I am more sensitive than people care to believe.

The Tall Poppy Syndrome is used in Australia and New Zealand to describe a social circumstance in which people of genuine merit are resented, cut down, and/or criticised because their achievements or talents elevate them and distinguish them from peers.

Apparently it applies because standing pert and tall is as unique a growth pattern for poppies as people.

Similar to begrudgery, the resentment or envy of one’s success. Or the ‘mean girl’ phenomenon that gangsta teen grr-rlz ascribe to because women like the power to be ‘dead even’ or they’ll make you dead with nastiness… Aussies might say they were ‘having a whinge’ at your behest if you appear to be a “Tall Poppy”. Certainly not a “Bob’s your uncle” time.

We also discovered that Aussies do say “Happy as Larry!”

And learned that a Larrikin, or a Lar in the land where a multitude of words are abbreviated, is a teasing chap similar to a leprechaun! A mischievous young person – that’s my man, especially the ‘young’ part of the definition my Larry would say!

Here’s some basic instructional video for your trip to the land of genuine, “good on ya” people, who, btw, do not put shrimps on the barbie – they put on prawns! As my Aussie friend, Narelle says, “Yum!”