It’s 5:34 a.m. when we spontaneously awaken, aware of each other as the covers rustle with movement.

We’ve beaten the clock alarm. Again.

Our dear friend had a chemo therapy session – his 5th one, staring down the barrel of wellness to hit a bulls eye. My husband was to be his faithful companion, to bolster him throughout the lengthy, sometimes problematic, session. Again.

Check-in for the hospital session was 7:30, and the drive was across town. My husband planned departure from our house at 6:15 – he left at 6:12.

There was time for a shower, coffee, full breakfast and a fistful of pills – along with morning devotions to our Lord. There was time for us to be a unit of support: for each other, our friend, and everyone we know.

Because we work up early to give this commitment our time.

One could say it is the force of habit or a desire for perfection. But I know it to be other: it is the power of intention.

Yes, my friend, Intention can be set. Be aware of what you want – and get it.