Time change.

The good news: it didn’t blight Halloween trick-or-treat, our neighborhood delight. The bad news: a plethora of onerous tasks occur at this perennial juncture.

It’s become our habit to change the batteries in our home’s smoke alarms. Because we’ve spread our lives across 3500 feet, we have five. They are necessary to apprise of a house fire, thus preventing our house from burning down and keeping us alive.

We have a multitude of timers that regulate appliances inside and outside our home: landscape lights and pool sweep, our entryway’s lofty shelf lighting, our Christmas lights, and, of course, our yard’s sprinklers to supplement the rain we almost never have. Yesterday’s rain was a bonus and a blessing, forestalling the possibility of forest fires and providing snow for local ski areas. Yippee and huzzah!

The most basic of changes are the clocks and we have many of those. There’s the bedside clock, the one in my husband’s office which is at the end of a long hallway, the microwave, and the oven’s clock, which is below the microwave. It’s funny that these two clocks often disagree with the one in the family room. We each have watches, though mine is an Apple watch, so mine’s time change is automatic. Just like my Mac Air laptop, desktop computer, and iPad. My husband finally converted to an Apple computer and relishes its automatic compliance, too.

We each have to change the time in our vehicles, but that’s easily accomplished by returning to the dealer. In my defense, have you ever read a manual that was translated from German? Coincidentally the engine warning light popped on a few miles ago, so I didn’t feel foolish about making the appointment. My hope is that the engine repair isn’t exorbitantly expensive. The clock change is free at least.

Speaking of time changes, do you remember this hippie-era anthem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_I4S61Do-Qs