Shh-h, be quiet. My husband is writing a memoir. ‘Tis true.

It’s a sort of introduction of ‘who I am’ to his men’s group. At church. Therefore, he’s not apt to use the meme quote… Ya think?!

But, wouldn’t it be the best – and truest – opening line of a memoir.

Ha! The look in the woman’s eye says the truth without words. Facial expressions and gesture and pregnant pauses ‘say’ more than words ever will. So, don’t waste your words. Speak your truth with your body and walk away. Hips don’t lie as they sway. Tick-tock, I’m gone – alternately, I’m striding forward in love. Or walking beside you on your journey – good, bad, or benign – because we are friends.

The ‘you’re #1 finger’, thrust in the air like a totem, doesn’t lie either. Simple and straight forward. No misinterpretation in that language (though other countries differ in gestural meanings, so beware.)

Here’s my 500-word memoir. Compact and succinct, it’s 100% truth. It’s my declaration, my stand: I write my story. No one else can.

So help me, God.

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