In the first edition of the Daily News, this reporter has covered the Seven Deadly Sins:

  • we’ve got Greed in the Business Section
  • Sloth in the Leisure Section
  • Gluttony in the Restaurant Reviews
  • Lust in the Movie Reviews
  • Envy in the Gossip Column
  • Pride in the ¬†Birth Announcements – and
  • Wrath, well, the Opinions are full of it.

We’ve just returned from a Washington, D.C. area vacation with dear friends. We saw the Newseum, the inspiration for this post – along with the murky perimeter of the federal government. But we stayed away from the mayhem of people who are supposed to work for us, but forgot to see it that way. We relished our peace, love, joy, and contentment.

How do they sleep at night?