So, my husband has enticed me to walk the treadmill 15 minutes as part of my daily work-out. The opportunity is mandatory as part of a weight-loss plan – the weight gain which occurred as an artifact of a significant knee injury that overwhelmed my health for most of 2019. The opportunity is made possible by hours and hours of physical therapy, acupuncture, and home exercises.

Though he listens to rock to help remove his jelly roll, I eschew earbuds to push me through my 15 minutes. I read articles like this one in National Geographic magazine last month:

The author tweaked my thoughts on this topic. If you’ve read the article, it may have inspired you, too. I look forward to your comments, Constant Reader. (Stephen King’s term)

What bugs you and leaves your tummy in knots? The bray of an obnoxious female guffaw? Car alarm? Chalk screech? Someone blathering loudly on their cell phone…

My husband despises the little dog yipping in a yard below ours… especially when accompanied by children vigorously splashing and shouting “Marco Polo” without end. That’s the moment when constant gaming and cell phones use could become a plus (wink-wink)

The fly on the patio, the one that no swatter can splat? Open mouth chewing – that one annoys me a lot, though it can be handled by looking away.

My analysis revealed that most of my annoyances are noisy and insistent, a nag-nag-grab on one’s soul. Narcissists and Bigots are firmly placed in my highly-annoyed slot.

Standing on line has become more than an annoyance as we age and the vagaries of age and daily use emerge – back issues, feet issues, knee issues, patience issues… Do you empathize? More than inconveniences – or challenges to the ego – standing overlong hurts.

Spill it, Constant Reader! What gets your goat?