CAJun1978Prop13.svgHere’s a map of California, showing the counties in which 62.5% of the voters passed Prop 13. Look at the red: a small land mass lost to big consequences for green, as in money.

Larry and I were in California, seeking jobs, when Prop 13 passed in 1978. Our desire to re-locate wasn’t about green money; it was about red, ripe opportunity.

Larry received offers to ‘start work on Monday’ while I didn’t make it past the secretary answering the phone in school districts.

When the job offer came at the end of the summer, we felt blessed…until the economic slump caused Indiana banks to frown on our home buyer’s loan.

Then we saw red – and blue and black, as Larry and I endured 6 months separation until our Indiana house sold, which, by great coincidence, was called ‘The California House’ by people in West Lafayette. The offer came on my birthday, February 7. What a gift.

People say what doesn’t break you makes you stronger; Larry and I created a bond stronger than Crazy Glue in that time. I saved all of his letters and cards. You should see them – he’s a great writer.

We’ve now lived here together over half of our lives.

Please explain to our Indiana relatives who continue to demand that we ‘come home for Christmas’. Think a red and green map will help them accept the math facts?