I relish my momma’s advice because I so seldom got any; she was a busy homemaker. Every word was cash in the bank, kept in memory for all it was worth. Because it was always pithy and true, a keeper.

“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”; “You are judged by the company you keep, so choose wisely”; “Waste not, want not”; and so it went. The one I am relating in the moment is this: “There comes a stage in life when your social life is comprised of doctor appointments.”

Drat! That predicted social life stage is coming true for me, hence the ‘cross word’ graphic…I wanted to write a crosser word than drat, but I felt my momma’s censor at my shoulder.social life

Since 2013 came in with a health scare bang, I figure that we’ve had two appointments/week and most of them have been mine. Thank goodness we have access to medical care and health insurance. But I don’t appreciate the repercussions of wearing out and wearing down.Thank goodness we have time for all the appointments. Growing old is not for wimps.

On the positive note, several of the appointments were for outer body upkeep and maintenance, like hair cuts and nail polishing. If our physicians would add a manicure and massage to their stable of services – maybe even a Dairy Queen window – it certainly would save on travel time, angst, and gas money.

Service with a smile. Anyone with me on this?