According to the paper, people are abandoning online shopping to return to malls and brick-and-mortar stores.

“Not I”, said the Amazon addict aka PJC.

Amazon aligns with my impulsive nature and, with the correct keywords, I find almost any items I want, er need with a few click-click-clicks.

Like all people worldwide, I endured nearly two years of quarantine when malls and stores were closed. It was a boon during this time that our local pharmacy also stocked greeting cards, makeup, and a few crucial food items, so I could purchased as needed when I went to fill prescriptions. In my household we were able to get basic groceries because of early shopping hours for Seniors and brave grocery workers who stocked the shelves and check-out clerks who gamely worked fulled masked, wiping their stations for Clorox wipes – now there’s company that prospered during the pandemic. I wished we owned stock.

Amazon prospered – and its stock rose, as did several other business’s…

I refuse to abandon my clinginess to Amazon. It’s convenient, fast, and when others report supply chain issues, Amazon always seem to have the product as well as cheaper or more expensive versions of the desired item. Plus, my credit card numbers are saved for shopping ease. One can always fill one’s cart with stuff, necessary to living or not.

Reasons abound to not abandon online shopping –

  • The high price of gasoline
  • the fight for parking spaces at the mall
  • the limitations of my ability to walk distances, especially when the surface is concrete
  • the ongoing, seemingly interminable need to mask up as the coronavirus remains virulent, having morphed into numerous new strains – coupled with ignoramuses who refuse to mask, mindless of other peoples’ safety in their stupefying exercise of freedom of choice.

Despite recent increases in Prime’s price, Amazon will remain my shopping center.

There I feel safe, secure and apart from a disease-riddled world.