Cannabis, Cigarettes, and the Cheesecake Factory.

What do these 3 Cs have in common? These businesses benefited from the coronavirus and its protracted quarantine. Seriously, what does this say about Americans and others of this ‘gotta have it’ world? A world in which Apple is chief promoter and King of ‘gotta have it’ (I got an Apple watch, but didn’t upgrade to the latest phone… what about you?)

In other circumstances, these products would have been guilty pleasures, things we’d never confess. We’d have attempted to apply our will to forestall a craving and/or quit. All of these, as you know, contributed to our pandemic pounds gained.

Maybe an Apple watch, too – especially because I disavowed wearing a watch when I retired. The clinical service of speech-language therapy was always timed and I wanted to live life free, creative, and unfettered.

But, during idle times, millions gave themselves permission to indulge resplendently…!

Amazon benefited, too, because buying in stores wasn’t an option for many months. Amazon profits proliferated while other stores suffered. Did you purchase clothing, groceries, and other stuff besides books and have the products sent Prime?

I raise my hand and plead guilty. My resolve fell to Amazon’s immediacy and accessibility. Books and food are basics, items for which there can never be excess. So are the medical products I buy increasingly in bulk. Ah, the vagaries of old age assuaged by Amazon, a world in which some of us are less able to pound pavements to shop and are also less prone to drive due to high gas prices.

Besides, I wanted more time to write, as well as feel safe, cloistered away from COVID-19 and its variants.

Because I had beaucoup time, I wrote and wrote and wrote to pass the time while sidelined from life as we know it. Yes, I was a pandemic diarist! The product of my pandemic industry was this:

I hope you’ll buy it on Amazon. It’s pertinent. It’s apropos. And, it’s Prime.