My mother’s knees predicted weather changes with an accuracy shared with her other aggregate wisdom: well above 90%. TV weathermen should have listened to her.

As my father did.

Scientists don’t understand all the mechanisms of weather-related pain, but leading theory posits that the falling barometic pressure that frequently precedes a storm alters the pressue within joints.

Researchers validating human experience again. They should have sought my mother’s counsel.

As my father did.

Mother didn’t grouse. That was not her way. In addition to weather, she was unerringly excellent at predicting politics here, there, and everywhere, too. Best in the home.

You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows”

Bob Dylan could have been quoting my mother, though she tended a different type of weed than he did.

[poiuytredswacv nI often quote my mother, too.

I abide by her wisdom – as my father did – but have not succumbed to her arthritic knees.Or her seasonal sneezes caused by weeds.

I have my father’s nose: for nuisance and sinus infections. Season’s sneezes.