UnknownYou could see it coming, but just not today.

No, it wasn’t a lottery win for PJC. If it was for you, don’t tell me. Please and thank you.

Today I heard a radio ad for Reputation.com. With the refrain, “It’s not fair….we’ll fix it for you…it’s not fair.”

For the progeny of helicopter parents who’ve thrived on unearned expectation (the ‘life owes me’ refrain), grade inflation, and everyone-gets-a-trophy. From over-sharing on Facebook with its attendant snarkicism to the hackles of the shared economy with Yelp! – the fixer.com is here.

Fix negative search results

Personal reputation solutions

While these services are warranted by the aforementioned free-floating and freely-dispensed negativity blended with reputation assassination achieved with the stroke of a few keys, it was the tone of the advertisement that irked me.

“It’s not fair.” You can almost hear the whine, can’t you, my ‘a good life is earned’ opinion-complicit friend. You’ve heard it coming…

What happened to personal responsibility for one’s reputation, the self-respect that evolves from earning, not as entitled for being born?

284405_392372540827842_1887392652_n It’s not fair.