• Does parity float your boat?
  • Does turn-taking twirl your world?
  • Does your life feel like a lucky charm or the bottom of a scum-laden bog?
  • Does a reward of reciprocity exist?

  • Does helping others have to make me feel shaken, forsaken, all wet?

The perverse and pervasive comprehensiveness of various people’s narcissism continues to reek havoc in my heart. How to let go, to except nothing? To abandon hope?

My optimists’ view of human kind has been breached.

Some people believe that they are their own private island, with the rest of us mere waves splashing ashore, seeking to nurture them only and more, more, more. The imbalance of energy flow exhausts me today more than most.

Today I wish I were a shark, able to take bites out of their beach. Chew them up and spit them out, sending the bits for octopi to grab and flail into orbit around Mars. (Would the ego biters would have the heart to rescue Matt Damon?)

Away. Away. Anywhere away from my Ni Cety. Out of my salvation life boat.

I am repossessing my self.

(photo by Frederico Stevanin)