I learned something in yoga today that would have benefitted me 50 years ago, nearer my youth. I learned that expanding one’s chest to breathe deeply, fully draws in feminine, recipient energy, while exhaling unleashes masculine strength and power into the world.

No wonder a guy made a fortune on a slogan to “Live Strong” and that I, the one who learned to be strong in the midst of a quicksand childhood and adult life, was an ardent proponent.  No wonder learning to be a recipient of God’s grace, to yield and let it enliven every cell, came after a difficult life lesson. Strength comes from a different power source than one’s self, and when one’s self is a recipient.

Better late than never. Better now than not at all.

Arms Spread wide

Now that I look at the graphic, I see that the posture of arms spread wide – the motion that allows the receipt of full breath – is the opener of a huge hug, something that I embody regularly.

This is the yoga posture that should be called Child’s Pose.