June 15 = D day. Diet Day, that is. We’re officially sprung from our lengthy statewide lockdown and the mirror and scales proclaim: it’s time to tackle the ‘quarantine fifteen.’ Further, the seams and zippers of our ill-filling slacks agree that the strain can not be sustained much longer before they let ‘er rip!

Yes, as we’re allowed to open the can of our contained and constrained lives, allowing fresh air to infuse our lungs, our appetites have been stimulated, too. More importantly, the restaurant and bar outings we’ve craved – for over a year – have come to fruition. Our intention: to eat and drink in celebration of our collective survival and laugh and sing and dance again – whether on top or under the table! Our smiles are broad and our hugs wrap around our friends!

We will conquer the remnants of cabin fever with carbs!

We can now indulge our wildest dreams with new-fangled and high-priced drinks along with cooking with butter. Cooking like our moms and grandmas used to do…

Double and triple and quadruple BUTTER!

Our jog out of quarantine, vaxxed-up and mask-free, has fostered a splurge, an eating frenzy. Utter abandon at the grocery store, too.

In our rush to patronize our favorite restaurants – so they could re-coup lost revenue and restore jobs – we noted higher prices on all items, often coupled with  a compressed menu only viewed via Q-code. Oh well, we had recovery bucks to spend for that purpose via President Biden who’d pledged to restore our economy and revive our gentler, kinder American spirits again. To help us respect our commonalities rather than woes.

A new kind of “F*** You!” – that, is forks in our mouths to imbibe. “Fork You!”

Come together, Americans! If “seeing is believing”, the ‘I see food and eat it” diet prevailed. We’re no longer stir crazy!  Let’s rejoice, sing, and dance!