All of us desire a natural glow – even if it comes in a tube.

Just as many people grant their desire to be a blonde by pouring the genie from a bottle.

While I don’t need the bottle, I definitely need the tube. Yeah for Jergen’s Company scientists who perfected a formula of tanning solution in a daily moisturizer.

I bought a case!

But, wouldn’t you know it, the tube I took on our Hawaiian vacation last year was near empty. So I bought a new one at the local grocery. For me, married to an Italian, who tans evenly in minutes, tanning sunscreen is a staple of life. It was a mega-watt vacation sans sunburn, plus tan.

Imagine my chagrin, when the airport screener at Oahu, for our flight home, rifled my bag after the security scan and gripped the new 7.5 oz. tube like a trophy, and then scurried behind the scene! My husband and I were certain that the booty went to his personal locker, to go home as a gift for his wife, daughter, or girlfriend. Drat!

Last week, as my supply of Jergen’s Natural Glow product dwindled to a single tube, I added the product to my list of drug paraphernalia to purchase at Wahlgreens – well I wish it were paraphernalia. The list is for drugs that mediate my life conditions: cholesterol, thyroid, and other issues. Getting older isn’t for whimps!

Imagine my chagrin…well, let me proclaim it in blog, the loudspeaker of the world: Jergen’s has downsized the 7.5 oz. container to 6 oz., to be sold at a higher price!

This trend will solve one problem: when Jergen’s downsizes to 4 oz., the tube will be unassailed during airport screening.

There’s always an Up Side.