1. I am a Blue Butt.


2. But I’m not what you think.

3. I am a crossbreed of Hampshire and Yorkshire Pigs.


4. I wallow in puddles and baths of mud

5. But not for reasons you think.


6. I don’t perspire to release body heat. I need to maintain my cool

7. And hot it can get on a Midwestern farm.


8. I like to chase after the farmer’s son,

9. But it’s not what you think.


10. I want him to tickle my snout.

11. He recoils at my ‘snot wet’ nose, but it’s not what he thinks.


12. I have sweat glands in my snout, so it’s not snot.

13. I tend to be plump up, but it’s not what you think.


14. I’m a good eater, feasting on whatever you toss in my pen.

15. I like corn best, but will take fries with that…


16. People laugh and say things will happen “when pigs fly’,

17. But it’s not what you think.


18. This means that a thing is improbable,

19. But have you ever seen me run?


20. Then I not only squeal, snort, or grunt, but I bark like a dog,

21. Pigs have feelings and ways to show it with sound.


22. Pigs are not what you think: lazy, fat farm animals

23. Who haven’t an aspiration or plan.


24. Pigs have starred in books and movies:

25. Remember Wilbur, Miss Piggy, and Babe?


26. And who can forget the Pigs of Animal Farm;

27. While all of the animals were equal, the pigs were more.


28. I can gallop and trot like a horse.

29. I eat what others eschew, a virtue, of course.


30. I wear belts or spots, and my tail never needs a curling iron.

31. I am smart and multi-talented. I make bacon.


32. And, at the county fair, I am a blue ribbon pig.


Written for Michigan cousin’s grandkids, this picture book is about looking beyond stereotypes to get to know someone.

See: I can write about anything! And with great purpose and intent!