COVID is making me patient/impatient, a duality of mind, body, and soul on steroids while I await both doses of my vaccine shot. Especially as the prospect of new vicious variants emerge as the virus mutate to conquer the world. Sigh. Throughout my life, I’ve seldom let any circumstance override my positivity.

Being indomitable is one of my innate super powers.

Nearly ten years ago, I retired as a speech-language pathologist, a career I adored. Retirement has been a renaissance: with sufficient financial resources, a spouse with whom I share an adventurous life and love, and the time to focus on what’s meaningful to me. Golden years these have been, as I pursued an encore career as a writer.

However, COVID has invaded my space, putting hope on hold.

Anticipated trips were canceled. We sequestered at home. Trying to do the right thing for our community and ourselves, as we social distanced and wore masks. We enthused while we watched Rick Steve’s travel shows on TV because we’d toured many of those places. Emails from our past travel companies and new ones, such as the Traveling Boomers and Travel with a Twist websites refreshed our adventurous spirits as well.

This photo shows the pieces of the Berlin Wall we collected on the East German side of the wall. We traveled there, by slowing moving train, within weeks of the Wall’s fall. Read my recent blog post to read the back story of our adventure:

We re-invested, as needed, in our home. New carpeting, new microwave and coffee maker (appliances which died and required instant replacement. Re-landscaping our back yard, as required by near constant sunshine which fosters rapid growth and over-growth.

On and on and on… we curated and continued the happiness and safety of our home-sweet-home.

These are hard times for huggers. We are missing the intimate closeness with friends and family. FaceTime and Zoom have been insufficient stand-ins – especially when people relaxed, smiled, and acclimated, so that they didn’t stress flat-faced into the camera as if they were watching TV. Facebook has continued to be a reliable conduit in this era of social distance, though politics divided us. A block-and-unfollow fest became a near daily ritual.

In a week, Californians will have been on required home-stay a year. We’ve had several periods of ‘bust out and turn me loose’, which returned quarantine as our lot in life.

Recess over, I used my sequestered time to support others will unmentionable illnesses and circumstances with notes via email, snail mail, and private message. I received mutual support from them and others.

As I’ve often stated: reciprocity makes the world go ’round.