If you could pick one place in the world to sit and write your next story, where would it be?

Today’s Insecure Writers question isn’t a question to me. It is a statement of peace and joy… For my favored place to write is Home.

One of this trio of gal pals just one a 1/2 billion-dollar lottery. While escape she must – to avoid potential ravages of her funds and pleas from fake friends and the small town’s pastor (he merely desires a 10% tithe-ha! – and she vagabonds with friends halfway ’round the world… In the end the trio affirms that there’s no place like home, with your circle of friends.

“There’s no place like home”, was Dorothy’s mantra and it’s also mine. It is the theme of my book series ‘Faith, Family, Frenzy!’

There are many reasons to prefer my writing space at home:

  • my space is open 24/7. There is no closing time nor cost for coffee and snacks
  • my space is uncluttered and/or cluttered in precisely the way I prefer
  • I do not need to drive to my space – and $3.50/ga. that’s a boon
  • I do not need to dress up/down to write. I feel comfy in my space
  • my space is amenable to quiet and/or any type of music in our cd stash
  • my husband is available for the occasional kiss, read, or encouragement
  • the vista of my space is serene, expansive, and nature-filled perfection
  • there are no beepers or buzzers or phone chimes to interrupt a fleeting train of thought
  • my space is mere steps from a nap interlude or potty break
  • my space has free-to-me wifi, with no access code needed
  • I feel safe in my space, able to write whatever I wish – or not
  • end-of-day rewards are easy to access from my writing space…