While America was in COVID quarantine, Facebook became a lifeline for those in isolation.

There were hundreds and hundreds of people making music with instruments, including their own – their voice – and the posts proliferated on the social media platform, uplifting all who clicked.

Music has a commonality and it involves a skill all humans are born with – a voice! It requires no training to vocalize and the components of vocalization are universal: lungs, vocal cords, and a mouth for the sound to exit. Some people shape and modulate more successfully than others, but all can make music.

While listening to music can energize, calm, and elevate moods, the act of personally singing reaches a higher plane.

One reason singing feels so good is that it releases endorphins, neurochemicals similar to morphine to foster feelings of euphoria and well-being.

Exercise releases endorphins, too, but gyms were closed. Many in America were cooped up in close quarters due to weather, so they were unable to exercise effectively. Everybody likely spent as much time as I did on the couch or Laz-Y-boy watching movies and tv, not working out in ways that we could or should have.

Singing also releases oxytocin, a hormone that alleviates anxiety, stress, and depression, the unholy trinity presiding during the time of inevitable illness throughout the world.

Singing with others increases the bond. In the absence of church services, we could sing along with a Facebook group. For free! Another method was singing along with well-memorized lyrics of the songs from happier times, the times of our teens and fresh-faced youth.

Finally, in addition to lowering one’s anxiety, thumping down blood pressure, according to medical studies, one’s immune system – the line of defense that was necessary to deploy to avoid being ill – is boosted by music!

Sing out loud! Sing loud! Help yourself and be well!