It’s over. We won; we lost; democracy worked; whatever. The robo-ringing of the phones has halted. Breathe in the silence.

We have a clean slate from TV ads: negative or positive, they were all highly polished – and highly priced I’ve heard. What a non-profitable way to boost the economy: money for nothing.

But wait, there’s more!

The ubiquitous dubious products ads have taken their place, heralds of the holiday shopping season. While The Clapper seems to no longer be available (was it really 25 years ago – yikes!), there’s a nifty nail pounding system that would have saved me thousands of flailing hammer jabs at the walls and lots of toothpaste filler.

There are special flower-like tortilla shapers – that foreshadow another tear-filled afternoon in the kitchen. Order today and receive a second set for the low price of $19.95. Plus shipping and handling.

So, whaddayathink: a Furby or a Chia Pet?