It’s better to rust out than to fade away.

What does that line suggest to you, Constant Reader? (I look forward to your comments) If you, too, have celebrated a significant birthday recently perhaps you can relate.

Apparently several of our longtime friends spent the holiday break combing through old photos albums and felt the need to excise some and forward them to us, showing us proof of the way we were. Whatever their intention, the trip down memories lane was cool! While we have 45 photos albums – one for each year my husband and I have been together – the pictures mounted in the albums were our point-of-views.

This birthday photo was taken in 2003, six weeks after I’d ridden a Rose Parade float, blowing bubbles and saying “Happy New Year!” to the entire world.

My short story about this opportunity is titled, “Ticket to Ride” and is part of my short story anthology (on Amazon).

I guess I’m the one who spilled the beans on this story, which is actually three stories within one, making it more meaningful and significant in my life.

Do you have stories like it? Have you researched your life via your photo albums? Memory is an eccentric curator, but pictures tell a thousand words.

It’s certain your life was meaningful and not blithely lived between the bumps and hazards and incidents. Start writing your tales today, before all is lost. Embrace your past, love what you lived, and look forward to the rest – your family and others may thank you for sharing, for allowing them to know you thoroughly and well. Your point-of-view, lessons, and truth may resonate more than you can foresee.

It’s better to be known than unknown.

Your life was lived well, the best you could, and others will benefit for reading it, I promise. Begin your memoir today.