# 5 marketing tip and our relationship is still alive – cool! It’s nice when relationships come full circle and communal in worth. You’re not taking a bite out of anyone else’s sandwich unless invited. Saliva swapping only works in lust.

Do you relish having a bite of your hide, leaving you feeling roasted, tried, and fried. No reciprocity in sight – relationship toast, not tasty.

Don’t fork with folks. Be genuine, not a jerk or a joke. Offer juicey truth.

Do you prefer wheat or rye? What does your targeted reader like? Do what works for both 🙂

DO blog – about 300 words/post, on a regular basis. Be informative, conversant, and real. I’ve long considered this my appointment to write, a podium from which I can speak with the blog-iverse. (remember that point – this is an international, overshare world) There’s always something to say, create, and spiel. From the inane and everyday, Erma Bombeck and Dave Barry made a fortune. I use WordPress with its affordable Akismet spam filter, and I suggest its easy interface to you. Inform and entertain.

DON’T do blog tours or hops, IMHO. I’ve noticed that most of the bloggers who do this were friends before, so what relationships were expanded? People who blog hop admit that they are harvesting email addresses – do you desire more email in your inbox? If invited to be interviewed on a friend’s blog, I would do that – and have. This exposes you to their audience. Be sure to be a good guest and invite back.

DO email subscriber list. This is the current hotbed of marketing advice, however I’ve decided not to tread. This commits you, the busy author, to provide an enticing, informative newsletter on a regular basis, such as once/month. I receive several – for a short time – because I often unsubscribe. Too much ego displayed, too much narcissism, little news to add to my day. There are a couple that engage me and I look forward to those.