M&Ms M&Ms – one of my favorite candies, more endlessly edible than chips, which are my husband’s favored treat. M&Ms are equally devilish for both of us because their exterior crunches between the teeth (like potato chips), releasing the chocolate that I adore and he abides. Each nipped a few bites from the trick-or-treaters bowl.

Let’s expand the topic, as M&Ms expand my gut; let’s muse on, while sugar crackles in my brain. It’s silly mnemomic time.

Miracles and Magic

What do they have in common: Me.

I believe in them both fervently; they’re all Mystery to Me. Life would be mere Mayhem without them for me and thee.

What’s your favorite M, Constant Reader?

Are you better than a 2-year-old with Mine?

Actually, that’s everyone’s favorite. Miracle, Magic, and/or Mayhem: the ones that we create ourselves, in our own way and time.

That’s not a Mystery, is it, Constant Reader? People are enormously egocentric. They just are, even me and thee.

Acknowledging that takes the bite out of life.