I wrote about Einstein’s brain in a recent post, one of my pedantically-oriented writings (I ‘know stuff’ and like to share, but these sort of things don’t come up in friendly talk, so I bring it up in blog).

Because of Einstein’s great brain, as well as his great fame, he is a very quotable man. Here is one of my favorite guiding lights: “There are two ways to live your live: as if nothing is a miracle or as if everything is a miracle.”

I choose the latter, of course. This blog could be entirely about the miracles, large and small, that have populated my life. I am blessed with quick insight to be able to recognize and glory in their occurrence. Yeah, God!

Here’s one of my favorites, its memory evoked by the eye appointment I just returned from. Be ready to cheer: the event’s timing is movie-worthy!

My eye appointment last year had yielded a lecture about spending less time focused on a computer screen.

It was true. I relished writing and temporarily lost my head, not taking breaks to exercise legs or rest eyes. I knew better, but time is difficult to measure when one is engrossed in a story set several years past and wholly in one’s imagination.

I was chagrined because I had been ‘read the riot act’ – and new contacts of much greater strength were ordered subsequent to a very difficult fitting process. Yeah, I’d suffered the unintentional consequence of ‘ruining my eyes’ by overuse, engaged in an endeavor dependent upon eyes.

The new contacts order took a long time. They were, of course, ‘unique’ and ‘special’, ever my modus operandi. I was patient, coping as best as I could, purchasing special contacts solution for the prescription I had and some strong sunglasses to protect my vision in the vivid sunlight anticipated on the East African safari. The departure time was imminent, two weeks away. I didn’t fret, but I was sad that I might have a diminished experience.

Then, just 1 1/2 hours before the limousine service was to pick us up to head to LAX, the optometrist’s office called: the contacts were in!

I looked at my husband and he looked at me: Go! Thank goodness we were fully prepared and packed.

I returned with the package, stuffed it in my bag, certain it wouldn’t tip the airline scale over the 50 lb. limit. Ready, set, go to Africa to see splendor upon splendor – in God’s perfect timing!

Blue Eye  I live life as a miracle…because daily it is!