Word by word, whether spoken or written, words count. Words matter –

  • They tell us who we are
  • They tell us where we are
  • They turn strangers into friends, though they can turn friends into enemies in an instant
  • words have power
  • words have authority
  • words can empower or impune, which is the mission of gossip
  • Words can simper and grovel or implode a relationship is a snit fit
  • words can motivate or undermine another
  • words cajole, flatter, and build relationships
  • if one is fortunate words accompanied by insight can tell us why we are

Words amassed tell a story. Humans read stories to see other people navigate life, so as to feel less alone. Stories give meaning, they answer life’s questions and show rules to live by. Stories relate the history of humankind and the world created for them. Stories – oral or written – are composed of words and words and words.

Words! What’s the point of words? Communication!

Words aligned in a story are not random or purposeless. Stories make sense and can become road maps for life. From birth to death, words are guideposts.

Words ramble; words connect. I’ve been blessed with some fine words in life, but none are matter more than thank you.

We speak, listen, read, and write for two reasons: to know and to be known. Forever and a day it’s been like this and I hope this pattern will continue…

Writing works like this. You take thoughts and feelings from your mind and heart – even your soul – and create a change of exchange. You put words on paper or on a computer, using lines and agreed-upon symbols to carry your meaning. The written word doesn’t have the benefits of tone of voice and body language to augment intention, so precise language is required. The nirvana point of written is to touch the heart, mind, and soul of a reader.

That’s called an everyday miracle.