Just when we thought it was safe to toss our masks, the Delta variant of Covid seems destined to set us back to the past year. After all, the Delta variant is more than twice as infectious than the virus we’ve collectively fighting for ‘forever.’ That, coupled with the sad fact that too many people seem disinclined to follow the proven procedures to conquer the foe. The ‘dastards’. Heck, many of these same perturbing creatures, rolling the dice on their health as well as everyone in their sphere, continue to regard the killer as a hoax!

As they die in a nurse’s arms, according to nightly news.

Ah, do you recall the ‘age of innocence’ two years ago – in September 2019 – when Covid was not in our nation? Holy crap – my friends and I are wondering if this pandemic is permanent. Where, oh where, is this roller coaster headed?

Well, it’s headed to hell since too many stupids are ‘vaccine hesitant’. Their stupor and distrust have already prolonged and exacerbated the pandemic, with explosive spread and overwhelmed health care workers suffering. What future variants will we be forced to endure? Covid may kill us all – before Climate Change get the job done.

It’s a life-saver that many businesses, and entertainment venues that might become super spreader events, have mandated vaccinations and masks. The managers want to remain safe and sane… many school superintendents and church leaders have join the ranks, too. It’s sound policy to protect one’s workforce and their families, to induce their compliance rather than policing them to show vaccination records.

Capitalism may be the way to stop Covid’s path, along with those who revere Life and the Lord.

We need a global commitment – now – cease the disinformation campaigns.

Stop reading my rant and go wash your hands! Flu season is upon us…