New Year’s Resolutions –

Do you make them? Do you break them within thirty days and return to your cocoon? Or, do you become a busy spider, eager to weave a web to catch new tidbits and things?

As you may know, music stirs my soul and keeps me vibrant and rapt for everyday life, which has potential to dissolve into tedium. Many rock concerts attended and danced through until my knees complained too insistently to allow kicking up my heels. Because I am geezer adjacent, I’ve had to adapt. I can still groove, though I remain seated in my chair.

STYX concert

It’s a new year and time to resolve to change one’s life, even if the alteration is minuscule. I’ve resolved to sing aloud more often, though joining a choral group isn’t my thing. Going to the frequent group practice sessions consigns me to a schedule and I’m reveling in the freedom that retirement brings.

I’ve decided to Karaoke! (mike drop)

It’s a public commitment. ‘Tis. It opens one up to the embarrassment of singing off-key, though not knowing the words is handled – they’re printed on a screen so all one must do is follow the bouncing ball. (wink-wink)

There’s a dual purpose to my resolution. Research into how to prevent mental decline suggests that learning a NEW skill is one of the best remedies for brain atrophy. While singing is a lifelong pursuit, karaoke is a new and freak-out-worthy endeavor for me.

So I delved into research – because that’s what writers do – and stacked the deck for my success. I’ve learned how to select a suitable song for my first karaoke attempt:

  • select the appropriate time period, which pre-selects the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, U2 faves, which are 60s-80s
  • select the mood = lively, dancing tunes! Whoopee!
  • select a song in your vocal range. In my case, contralto, I’d be better off with Pink and Lady Gaga (I know, I know, it’s none of my pre-selects) and Whitney Houston. Maybe I should mime Pat Benetar –
  • don’t sing to show off… it’s a set-up to fall on your face! Publically!
  • sing what you like (see item one) and have fun, which for me is the bottom line for any endeavor.

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January 4 question – Do you have a word of the year? My response: lifelong learning!